The Tasmanian salmonid aquaculture sector is made up of three main companies, Tassal, Huon Aquaculture and Petuna (which includes Van Diemen Aquaculture). These companies are fully vertically integrated, with hatcheries, nurseries, marine grow-out, processing, value adding and retail all part of the company structure.
The salmonid aquaculture sector is the Tasmanian seafood industry’s largest sector in terms of both production and value, and therefore holds the majority of the seafood and aquaculture workforce.

77% of the salmonid industry workforce operate at the processor or marine farmer level, 18% within the management, administration, HR level and 5% within hatcheries. The Tasmanian salmonid industry has the ambition of being a $1 billion industry by 2050.
This will be achieved through improved efficiencies on existing farms, and via expansion of farming into new areas. With this expansion will come new jobs.

It is also anticipated that there will be ongoing demand for new workers to fill vacated positions. This consistent demand to fill vacated positions is an artefact of staff movements within a company, seasonal nature of harvesting, staff movements between companies and staff moving out of the sector.

Expansion into new areas will open up opportunities for employment of locals in regional communities. It is important to note there will continue to be a reliance on drive in – drive out workers for some regional areas, as the capacity and capability is not available within the local workforce.

It is the salmon industries ambition to be an employer of choice. This will be achieved through providing an excellent working environment and excellent remuneration to all staff members.


Careers in the Salmon industry

Accounts & Finance


- Accounts Payable Officer
- Accounts Receivable Officer
- Administration
- Chief Financial Officer
- Financial Accountant
- Financial Services Officer
- Group Financial Controller
- Senior Manager – Commercial



- Maintenance Coordinators
- Maintenance Electrician
- Maintenance Managers
- Maintenance Officers
- Maintenance Team Leaders
- Refrigeration Mechanic
- Senior Manager – Maintenance Processing
- Treatment Plant Operators

Research and Development


- Corporate Services Officer
- Fish Performance Manager
- Planning Manager
- Project Officer

Environment and Sustainability


- Community Engagement Officer
- Environmental Advisor
- Environmental Certification Officer
- Environmental Officers
- Fish Health – Field Officer
- Fish Health – Laboratory Technician
- Head of Sustainability
- Senior Environmental Officer
- Senior Manager Fisher Health
- Wildlife Management Officer



- Apprentice Chef
- Assistant Managers
- Chef de Partie
- Front House Supervisor
- Head Chef
- Kitchen Hands
- National Account Managers
- Retail Category Support
- Retail Staff
- Senior Manager Retail
- Shop Managers
- Sous Chef



- Assistant Manager
- Farm Attendants
- Farm Manager
- Hatchery Attendants
- Hatchery Manager
- Senior Technical Officer
- Technical Assistants
- Technicians

Sales and Marketing


- Assistant Brand Manager
- Customer Service Manager
- Customer Service Officers
- Innovation Coordinator
- Marketing Coordinator
- National Business Manager Retail
- Sales Analyst
- Seafood Development Technician
- Senior Manager Marketing
- Senior Manager – Seafood Development
- Senior Sales Analyst



- Inventory Manager
- Purchasing Manager
- Purchasing Officers
- Senior Manager Commercial and Purchasing

Human Resources


- HR Advisor
- HR Coordinator
- HR Manager
- HR/Payroll Administrator
- Payroll Manager
- Payroll/Admin
- Senior Manager – HR



- 2IC Processing Managers
- Cleaners
- Cost Analysts
- Despatch Attendants
- Despatch Manager
- Processing Attendants
- Senior Managers
- Senior Processing Attendants
- Shift Supervisors
- Team Leaders

Marine Farms


- Divers
- Farm Attendants
- Maintenance Managers
- Maintenance Officers
- Operations Managers
- Regional Managers
- System Team Leaders
- Team Leaders (bath, feed, dive)
- Technical Officers



- Business Intelligence Manager
- Database Administrator
- Head of Logistics and IT
- Infrastructure Services Manager
- IT Support Officer
- Senior Analyst
- Senior Manager – IT Consulting Services
- Senior Manager – IT Operations
- Senior Systems Administrator



- Lab Assistants
- Lab Manager
- Product Quality Manager
- QA Advisors
- QA Officers
- Quality Systems Managers
- Technical Manager QA



- Induction and Training Coordinator
- Senior Manager WHS
- WHS Administrator
- WHS Advisor Injury Management
- WHS Advisors

Careers in Seafood