Farmed Abalone


There are currently four active abalone farms in Tasmania, located in the North West, North, North East and South East. The industry has undergone significant reinvestment and growth recently, with the farms in the North West and South East reopening after a period of closure.

This reopening matches growth trends for farmed abalone on mainland Australia and other parts of the world. The majority of jobs available on abalone farms are farm-hand, labor type positions.

There appears to be increasing demand for farmed abalone product, potentially as a consequence of decreased supply from wild capture fisheries worldwide. This demand could see further capital investment in the expansion of existing abalone farms, or even the development of new abalone farms in Tasmania.


Careers in the Farmed Abalone industry

Abalone Farm Jobs


- Director/Owner
- Operation/Farm Manager
- Assistant Operations Manager
- Sales Manager
- Office Manager
- Hatchery Manager
- Technician
- Farm Hand
- Casual Farm Worker